Twitch bans Nightbot for all of 5 minutes

Another Twitch channel has joined the ban-wagon, but this time, it’s not a streamer. Instead, the ban hammer fell on popular chat bot Nightbot and briefly removed the service from the streaming platform.

Nightbot is a popular chat bot used as a way to add restrictions or games to a streamer’s Twitch chat. The chat bot occasionally drops messages in chat and can be prompted into responding to viewers based on a user’s input to provide a better streaming experience.

Nightbot on Twitter

apologies for the nightbot outage on twitch. nightbot is back online now. everyone can thank @Digiturk for sending a falsified DMCA takedown notice and for the subsequent outage since Twitch revokes all API access tokens on bans 🤗

Nightbot’s Twitch account was removed due to a falsified Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice by Turkish satellite television provider Digiturk, according to the NightBot’s official Twitter page.

The company posted a screenshot of the email, which points to a stream created today as the source of the infringed material and names Digiturk as the claimant. As a result of the claim being against live content, Twitch automatically removed the Nightbot channel in compliance with the DMCA.

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Automatic bans for copyright content usually extend to 24 hours, but Twitch quickly restored Nightbot’s channel after clearing the alleged infringement in what may be one of the shortest ban lengths in the platform’s history. The ban lasted only five minutes, according to the automated ban tracker Twitch Partner Bans.

The service is now back online and streamers can continue using the service for their chats.

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