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Latest game reviews

South Park Stick of Truth

After becoming a big hit in the television series, South Park comes again with a humorous video game. We have been reviewing a lot of games lately and we have never seen a more funny video game so far.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is the latest addition to Metal Gear series. This game is very different from the original game and it resembles more to Devil May Cry.


The remake of old games

We are seeing more and more old titles coming to life again with modern graphics.

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What to expect from 2014

The gaming industry has gone strong even during 2013.

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Unique gaming hardware

As most of experienced gamers already know, Razer has given quite a few of interesting technologies in the gaming world.

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Upcoming video game rumors

We have heard around the web some intriguing rumors regarding to video games not yet declared, or even kept in total secret.

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Minecraft Movie

So it is really true, Markus Persson the creator of Minecraft, tweeted that the whole team is working on a Minecraft movie.

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The Advancement Of Internet Gaming

Most gamers tend to focus on a few fairly specific avenues of gaming when looking for news and developments.

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Why the next gen consoles failed?

We clearly did not see a hype as big as the old days.

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Best gaming 3D models

We will discuss about the most famous and at the same time most interesting 3D game models.

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